February 17, 2011

thrifted: geeky vintage wallpaper

Remember that wallpaper I briefly mentioned the other day?  Well it was such a find that I thought it worthy of its very own post.

Since rethinking my photo backdrop I've had wallpaper on my mind.  Every time I thrift I have to make sure I check the furniture department.  Usually there's nothing, but this time...SCORE!

I found three wrapped rolls of this stuff!  I kind of love it's geekiness/ugliness but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it for good (definitely one of those buys that I just couldn't leave there but wasn't sure if I'd have a use for it - bad habit).  So for now it waits in my closet while I make up my mind, but every time I see it I smile.

I've been thrifting way too much this week, but I've managed to find a few great finds.  What about you?  Any luck out in those junk store fields?