February 10, 2011

a thrift score + a strange encounter

I've been thifting some more, but rather than showing you a laundry list of finds I thought I'd just share one of my favourites from my recent finds.

I really need to show you guys, but the wall behind my sewing area is packed full of tacky vintage artwork.  I love sitting in that room, being creative and just looking up at that collection.

I'm not normally a dog person, but I can make an exception for loyal looking fellow.  

Oh, and yesterday I had the weirdest thrift experience ever.  Miss George was freaking her usual freak after I made her leave the toy section (seriously, I waited it out for 10 minutes - don't hate).  I had three rolls of wallpaper under one arm and a kicking and screaming toddler under the other.  I finally got her back to the cart when some old creeper starts trying to amuse her.  He grabs a drum out of the cart and starts hitting it for her, singing stupid songs and then grabs a hat and starts dancing about (okay, I hate this with every fiber of my being).  At the point when I try to make eye contact with this guy - you know to signal "stop it, you're making me crazy and this is uncomfortable" I realize that the man is none other than Mr. Lahey.

I was tempted to tell him how many nights I've stayed up way past my bed time so I could just watch one eight more episodes of Trailer Park Boys, but I refrained.  Instead I said nothing at all while he waited for me to say anything at all.  I figured being an actor still doesn't give you the right to get in my personal ozone.