February 25, 2011

photos among friends: canted

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This weeks random word is Canted.  Of course I had no idea what that meant so Jess was kind enough to clarify for me (and you, please tell me you don't know what it means either).
 canted part participle; canted past tense; cants 3rd person singular present; canting present participle
1. Cause (something) to be in a slanting or oblique position; tilt
2. Take or have a slanting position 

from Jess:
While walking to this park for Saturday lunch by the beach - freshly cooked fish-n-chips in hand - I spotted the odd juxtaposition of these two posts. They cant away from each other as if some angry hulk has pushed them apart to walk through

from me:
When I first read this word finally figured out what this word meant I immediately took notice of my posture - more specifically the alignment of my neck.  I seem to have a crick in my neck a lot.  I have to tilt my head when I'm sewing, having a conversation, reading off my computer screen and especially if I'm having my photo taken.  Even as I ponder this habit I have to cock my head just to get my thoughts clear.