February 2, 2011

handmade business resources

This morning I want to share a few helpful business-related resources.  I'm often asked for advice on operating an online craft business.  While I love to chat about that sort of thing, it's definitely not a topic that can be covered in a few sentences.  Someday I will write a post with my own thoughts on the subject, but for now I thought it might be of some interest to share some of my favourite sites, books, etc relating to the handmade market.

Indie Business e-course

I was feeling the need to get back to my handmade business after a lengthy pregnancy induced hiatus.  But I was lagging in motivation and wasn't feeling inspired by the things I used to create.  When I saw chatter about this class all over the internet I was intrigued and signed up.
Even though I had been operating my own handmade business for 2+ years I learned an untold amount of new information in this class.  My lack of motivation was soon left in the dust and I was running to keep up with all the inspiration.  I seriously can't say enough good things about this course.  
One of the best things about this course is that it can work as a learn at your own pace sort of deal.  But if you keep up with the curriculum you get to take part in fun things like live chats and Q&A's.

Indie Business is starting again soon.  If you have an interest in going further with your own handmade (or vintage) business I would seriously consider signing up.*

The Handmade Marketplace

This read is especially ideal for those of you who are just beginning your entrepreneurial adventure.  It is more for the makers, but I think it could be helpful for those running a vintage shop as well.  I really enjoy how everything is laid out - nice logical steps and plain writing.  When I get to reading about business related things my mind tends to get anxious (or over-stimulated) - so simple and relateable writing is exactly what I need. Another great thing about this book - illustrations by Emily Martin

One Pretty Thing - Crafty Reading Roundup

I love One Pretty Thing any old day of the week - but I really look forward to the Crafty Reading Roundup.  These posts always cover a wide range of topics.  It always leaves me feeling really motivated to try new things and seek new audiences.  If you want to seek out this section specifically just visit the main site, click Categories up at the top and look for Crafty Reading Roundup.  Enjoy!

Etsy Mailing Lists

Esty Success more specifically.  Sent out twice weekly this newsletter is full of amazingness related specifically to selling on Etsy.  I might even archive all of these emails for future reference. 

These are just some of my favourites - the Internet is packed full of helpful stuff.  Do you have any resources worth a mention?  Leave a link below!

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