January 20, 2011

this is thursday

Hello again.  Can you believe two blog posts in one day?  It does seem a bit unnatural, doesn't it?  Anyway, the reason I'm here this time is because I've been tossing around some ideas for new features and I believe I've come up with a few that I like.  Today I'm introducing the first and I've decided to call it this is thursday.  Whenever you see that title it means that I'll be unearthing a golden nugget of trivia about my usually neurotic self.  And don't worry babies, that's a normal amount of excitement you're feeling after reading big news like that.

This first fun fact I deal with on a daily basis....

I am completely and totally afraid of the dark.

I guess I should preface that.  If I'm alone I'm afraid.  But that's only because weird things happen when I'm alone in the dark.

A) All the neighbourhood ghosts stop by my house and surround me for a game of Ring Around the Rosy.

B) I can hear this theme song playing off in the distance somewhere - constantly.

C) The Boogey Man wakes up from his daytime slumber and clocks in for an 8 hour shift of making bumps in the night.

So you see, I have reason to be freaked out.  And because of all the scary happening in the dark I have to take a few precautionary measures.

A) Accidentally leave the living room lamp on all night.  If I have to come downstairs for a bottle at least there won't be something scary lying in wait on the couch.

B) Sprint up the stairs two by two in order to outrun the ghosties.

C) Never ever ever let my toes hang over the edge of the bed.  (Even if the monsters don't get them the cat most certainly will.)

Stick with me kid and you'll be safe from ghost pinches and quiet whispers from the beyond.