January 25, 2011

there's something on my plate

I had planned to show off the first of this years 12 art projects today, but try as I might I couldn't quite get there.  Not to say my attempts at 'art' were a total failure; something sort of odd came out of the whole learning process.

I have I've been feeling really inspired by the completely quirky plate art by Beat Up Creations lately and I've just needed to try my hand at this sort of medium.

I've already thrifted the plate the big project.  All I have to do now is create the perfect image in Photoshop.  I'm almost there and I can't wait to show you what I come up with!

Once I feel like I've mastered this technique I'll be sharing a tutorial with all of you.  I have a certain fondness for ink-jet crafts, so if you know of a way I can use my printer in future art projects please leave a tip in the comments below!