January 28, 2011

the return

Today's the 28th....do you know what that means?

I'm up way too late (presently writing this blog at 4am) filling the shop with lots of handmade sweetness.

Stop by to see...

This go around I'm taking a much different approach to making and selling on Etsy.  No more pressure to produce massive piles of merchandise.  Instead I'm creating small runs of product that are more carefully planned than ever before.  If you see something hit my virtual shelf then you can be rest sure that I have invested much thought and love into its creation.

I have two new products to add to the shop, but the first photo shoot didn't turn out as I planned.  I toyed with the idea of listing them with the less than stellar photos, but no.  Once I think of the perfect way to present these things I'll be sure to tell you more about them.

Oh yea, and what about a celebration sale?

For the time being I won't be hosting very many sales - so if you want to get some My Girl Thursday on the cheap may I offer a gentle hint-hint and nudge-nudge?

That's all for now friends.  Please stop by the store and browse around.  I certainly hope you like what you see! (Psst..I think I have the perfect browsing music for you too.)