January 24, 2011

recently thrifted

I got to go to my favourite thrifty shop on Thursday and it was lovely as always.  This trip was a bit different then most because this time around I was working with a tighter budget than normal.  It wasn't as crummy as I thought it would be though, it made the whole thing a bit more of an adventure.

So with $40 in hand I ran through the front door (Kool-Aid man style), plopped the kid in the cart and began the hunt.  I filled the cart over and over again, but continued to revisit with an editing eye.

Two dresses I plan to restyle.

Cause I like to say y'all.

For all of my important business deals.

I see an apron in your future.

The sled - not the baby.

By the time I reached the register my haul looked nothing like it usually does.  And the grand total?  Only $29.50!  What's this?  Not spending so much money felt good?  This doesn't make sense...