January 27, 2011

playlist: looney tunes (side a)

One of my favourite things to thrift is records.  Truth be told I'm often buying records for their stunning or odd-ball artwork, but every once in a while I buy one solely for the purpose of musical satisfaction.  When Georgia was first born I bought a tonne of vintage kids records.  (One of my fondest childhood memories is visiting my Grandma Shorty and listening to her "On Top of Spaghetti" LP) 

This is one of those records.  It took me ages to get to it (probably because it doesn't have the cutest artwork), but it's quickly becoming one of my favourites.  The songs aren't totally meant for kids, but they're silly and goofy and, hey, Georgia will like what I tell her to like.

So today friends I'm sharing Side A of this quirky record.  Enjoy!