January 26, 2011

the many faces of an apron

Confession - I haven't always been an apron girl.  No, I used to be an apron kind-of girl.

I loved the idea of the apron.  I thought they were cute; kind of a kitschy throw-back.  I even hoarded a collection of vintage half aprons.  I just never went so far as to put one on (I didn't want to get them dirty after all).

Even my signature apron was not born from the need for a new smock.  Instead, I was bored of only sewing tote bags and I wanted to find a new way of using my collection of second chance fabrics.  After a particularly inspired evening I had drafted a pattern and sewn up a prototype.

For quite a while I made and sold aprons, but I still didn't wear them,  When potential customers would leave empty handed because they weren't an 'apron kind-of girl' I didn't have much to say.  What could I say?  I figured you were either born with or without the predilection for the pretty little cover-up.

It wasn't until I started baking a lot that I had my epiphany.  Looking down at my thoroughly floured jeans with total frustration was the final straw.  I had a closet full of lovingly handmade aprons - why wasn't I wearing one?!  Since that day baking a cake has become a much tidier process.

After I started wearing my aprons I really began to appreciate their true versatility.  I grab one if I'm about to begin a particularly messy art project.  I tie one on if I'm about to engage in a serious housecleaning.  This summer I hope to fulfill the dream of a tiny garden - and if you catch me our there you will definitely see me in one of my designs.  Heck, maybe if I'm feeling fashionably brave one day I'll layer one as a pinafore and hit the market!

When I reopen the shop on Friday I'll also be offering a new line of half aprons.  These sweet things would be perfect to wear to gigs at yard sales, charity fundraisers or even if you were waitressing at a cute corner cafe.  I adore this new design and I can't wait to start making more of them!

So if you like the apron but you're not sure you're that kind of girl, perhaps you should give it a second thought.  There's a lot of possibility tucked away in those pockets.