January 14, 2011

in two short weeks

This hive is beginning to buzz folks and I am one busy bee!  I've decided to re-open the shop a day early.  That means that My Girl Thursday on Etsy will be restocked with handmade sweetness on Friday, January 28th.

Until then I am filling each spare moment with stitching, scissors and snapshots.  And although it may sound like I'm working myself into a tizzy I must assure you to worry not.  This time around I'm trying diligently to spread out the work, make less and love every piece that much more.  Instead of telling myself I must make a dozen aprons and whipping them together in a matter of days, I'm allowing myself to think carefully about fabric choices and take my time and do my very best sewing.  And guess what?  I'm loving the process!

Something else I've been putting more thought into is the background for my product photos.  Don't get me wrong, I love old blue, but after some advice from a very knowledgeable Etsian (and friend) I decided to go with a more neutral toned background.

I tried this for a while....

and though I liked it I did find it a little flat. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go so I left it alone until inspiration hit.

Only days later I came across Smilebooth (thanks to Bleubird Vintage) and not only did inspiration hit - it clobbered me.

Are you in love?  I am!

It took me many hours to make.  I don't generally go for time intensive crafts, but I couldn't get this idea out of my brain.  In fact, I think scallops have completely invaded my brain space and you'll probably see them pop up here and there around this blog.

I'm having lots of fun getting ready for the grand reopening.  Tonight I built new screens so I could print enlarged versions of my previous illustrations.  I also have a few new product ideas that I'm still hoping will come to fruition.  I'm really excited to share everything with you very, very soon!