January 21, 2011

in just one short week

Just seven more days until My Girl Thursday makes her triumphant return to Etsyland.  That means just one thing - I have a seriously crafty week ahead of me!

The new batch of aprons are at the 'almost finished' stage.  After building some waistbands, badges and button holes they will near the finish line.

There will also be some new tote bags.  I'll be offering a new print (a stand mixer), but sadly the sewing machine print didn't make this round (can you believe that I actually forgot to build a screen for that one?).  These bags will feature much larger prints than last time.  I just figured things like Catherineholm kettles and Brownie cameras deserved greater visibility!  (The sewing machine print will return, I promise.  It's one of my favourites.)

There will be a new product (or two) available when the shop reopens - but these pretty things shall remain  secret for now.

I honestly can't wait to unveil everything.  I've put so much of my weirdo self into every one of these pieces and I think it shoes (you know, in the best possible weirdo way).