January 11, 2011

I'll get back to you...

For months I've been engaging in very eppy-creepy blogger behaviour.  You know what I'm talking about?  I have been in serious peeping tom mode.  And while that's okay for some (no judgments), I have to say that's not how I want to run this ship.

Lately I've been trying to get in the practice of visiting my readers blogs and leaving comments.  I have always checked out your blogs, but I've always remained mum.  Mostly because it takes a serious time commitment to read through blog posts and try to leave a comment other than "that's awesome".*  I've been thinking more and more about building positive and exciting relationships in my "real life" and it's definitely been spilling over into my "online" life (real life? online? there may be some seriously blurred lines here).

I'm also trying to get better at responding to your comments in the comments section.  So if you're looking for an answer please be sure to check back here or even subscribing to the replies in that thread.  Oh!  And if you want me to visit your blog please, please, please be sure to leave your url either in the comment or when you're filling out the Disqus form.

In other news My Girl Thursday is still accepting sponsors for the month of February.  If you'd like more information on an affordable way to promote your small business or blog click here.

Also, I'm in the midst of planning out my blog posts for the next month or two.  This might sound daunting, but it's been fun.  Within twenty minutes I had a big long list of ideas (I may even have 3 months worth of posts).  I'm planning on some really cool diy's, free downloads, a couple giveaways and maybe a baby post or two.  Are you excited?  I am!

*Note: If I ever leave the comment "that's awesome" on your blog please know that I sincerely mean it.  I may be experiencing lower than normal brain activity that day but still trying to keep up with my commenting.  And besides, the word awesome just might be my favourite.  It's totally awesome. (<-we both knew that was coming)