January 23, 2011

the baked goods: cakewich

Last night I ate a turkey sandwich.  It will probably be my last.  From this point forward all sandwiches must be made with cake bread and icing.  Thank you Cakewich for changing my life.

Normally I'm not a fan of the silicone pan, but for the sake of a cake sandwich I thought I would forgo all hesitation.  I wasn't sure what type of cake recipe to use, but the box made it easy and provided me with "Fred's Famous PB&J Pound Cake".

{for directions click here}

Someday soon I plan on taking this pan to a friends house so I can bake a Cakewich with her little man.  Can you imagine being a 2 years old and seeing something like this?  That's how you blow minds, folks.  That is how it's done.

Hope you are having a delicious Sunday!