January 16, 2011

the (baked) goods: apple crumble pie

I thought I had it, I really did.  During the holidays I helped my grandma make the pies and I really believed I knew crust.  Guess what?  I was mistaken.

Yesterday I managed to roll out on very sloppy looking piece of pastry.  And that only came after several failed attempts (not with the same piece of dough - I know that's a no-no).  But my someday dream is to open a pie shop (like in Waitress) and it wouldn't be right of me to have this fantasy without the real-life ability to make a fine pie. So after that very defeated roll-out I decided to give myself a break and turn this apple pie into an apple crumble pie.

Here is the recipe I used for the pastry - handwritten by my great-grandmother.  I promise you that it's very good.  I'm the problem here.  And this problem just needs a touch more practice before she's perfection.

I used this recipe from Paula Deen for the pie filling. 

Okay, she's definitely not a beauty queen, I'll admit it.  But she sure has a sweet personality!