December 4, 2010

zines: a real live community

We've met a tonne of amazingly talented zinesters this week, haven't we?  But this has only been the teeniest fraction of the vast self-publishing community.  And the community around this phenomenon is probably one of my favourite things about zines.

There are two major gatherings in North America that celebrate these unsung Xerox hero's.  In the States one can attend the Portland Zine Symposium.
 The Portland Zine Symposium aims to promote greater community between diverse creators of independent publications and art. This fun and free event helps people share their work while exchanging their skills and information related to zine culture. Through workshops, panels and discussions, Portland Zine Symposium explores the role and effect of all types of zines.

And all the way up here in Canada we have Canzine.

Over 150 zines from across Canada on display and for sale! The heart of the event, indie publishers both in print and online come from across the country and the continent to show their wares! Be amazed at the creativity, ingenuity, and sheer weirdness!

I haven't been lucky enough to attend either event, but since Toronto is only a short drive from me I think I'll make a point of attending next years Canzine.

Have you had a chance to attend either?  Do you have a local zine event you'd like to share?  Spread the love in the comments below.