December 2, 2010

sho ga nai

Sho Ga Nai by Heather Bryant

from the author:
Since I was little, I have always had a passionate love for Japan and all its quirks, and this obsessive love culminated in a two-week trip in 2006 with my mother, an experience that not only affected my dreamy vision of the country, but also my family relationship. Sho Ga Nai will be a series of mini-comics that may end up becoming a graphic novel.

"Yamazaki" is the first installment, when my mother and I first arrived in Kyoto, Japan, and within minutes I lost her in the rain. 

what I love about this zine:
Such a cute travel tale that perfectly encapsulates the shock, awe and wonderment of traveling to the opposite side of the world!  Plus it features a totally adorable mom and daughter team - maybe this will be George and I in another twenty years?!