December 29, 2010

kicking self doubt in the ass

It's almost the new year and the blog world is spilling at the seams with hopefulness.  Honestly, it's hard as hell to not feel a teensey bit inspired (even for a jagged heart such as myself). So anyway, I know I've shared my creative goals for 2011 but today I thought I'd chat about something a bit more personal.

Often I find myself face to face with an ugly little monster called self doubt.  Okay, well I'm sure we all do, but there's something about the experience that makes a person feel very alone.  That's the thing about self doubt - it makes you question yourself and your talents, feel isolated, feel lost and and less than your peers.

Here's the thing - I can't make a New Years resolution that I'll just quit having these self doubting thoughts.  It ain't realistic.  I can't just snap my fingers and stop something like that.  But how about this?  How about calling bull shit?  How about not buying into it?  How about letting those seedy little thoughts just float on by and not allowing them to take root in my brain?

Instead, how about recognizing how far I've come creatively?  How about looking ahead to the future and seeing absolute possibility?  How about celebrating the freaking awesome place I'm in right now?

So as sappy as it sounds that's what 2011 is all about for me - learning to kick self doubt in the ass and start loving myself.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Love your bones!  Thanks for listening.