December 13, 2010

the handmade birthday gift

Hello friendly friends!

How are you today?

Me?  Oh, I'm doing well.  Things are a little different around here.  I have a one year old walking about this house, don't cha know?  Wait - what?  Walking?  Yea - I said walking!  Sure the little miss has snuck in a step here and there, but yesterday (on her birthday) she was busting three to six steps at a time.  Wooohooo?  No, it's actually pretty darn exciting.  We haven't been encouraging the walking too much.  We wanted her to be ready for it and apparently she was just saving the show for her big day.

Anyway, walking isn't really the reason I'm here today.  I wanted to share the gift that I made for my fancy lady.  Want to see?

Okay, I realize it might be hard to tell, but this a fabric book that chronicles the first year of Georgia Grace.  The journey is set to the tune of one of Georgia's favourite songs.  Hope you enjoy!

I think it's about the sweetest darn thing I've crafted in a while!  The images were printed on photo fabric (which may be my all time favourite 'fancy' crafting supply.  The pretty doily background on the text pages comes from Kitschy Digitals.  

Georgia is not super impressed with it just yet, but I have a feeling when she has a kid of her own she'll really appreciate it.  Let the waiting game begin.