December 18, 2010

guest post: erin from happy owl

Hi everyone, I'm Erin from Happy Owl!  I am a first grade teacher, mother and wife so I thought it would be fun to share some of my holiday musts for your kids this year!

1. Use kid made crafts as decorations or presents for grandma. 

*Baby Reindeer (use your little one's hands as antlers, and trace their foot as the face). If the kiddie is really little cut everything out for them but let them place the eyes and put red glitter on the nose.

*Fingerpaint Tree- Your little one just taps their fingers on the paper as pine needles. Depending on age you help with the star, trunk and glitter ornaments. But if they are old enough they might just need a little guidance. 
*Most important for these is to laminate them so that they stay perfect throughout the years!
2. Ornaments-We have the tradition of each person in our family getting a new ornament each year! The kids get to pick it out and we write their name and the year in glittery marker on it.  I even have my first ornament from when I was a wee one. It's fun every year to take out the ornaments and remember way back when...

Homemade ornaments are also so perfect for the holidays. I have tons of 'teacher like' ornaments that I do with my classes. But one of my favorites is this one of Noah, my 5 year old. He did it when he was 3. It is an old fashioned globe style ornament covered in gold leaf with his adorable picture on it in a Santa hat. It is covered in laminate to keep it together over the years. It's simple, affortable and it's a great gift for grandparents!

3. The Elf on the Shelf. My mom bought this for us last year, and it is adorable. It comes with a great book too. Basically the elf sits quietly and hangs out and 'watches' all day and at night he goes and tells Santa how you behaved. But the best part is in the morning he is in a new place. So the fun of it is when my sons wake up they immediately run out to see where our elf is.
I hope you grab at least one of our little traditions and make them your own! Have a wonderful Christmas, it is by far our favorite season!! Check back on my blog, I am constantly trying to add new kid friendly DIY and fun things for girls and their fams!!