December 16, 2010

guest post: chelsea from tea talk

Hi everyone! I'm Chelsea from the Tea Talk blog. I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger that has a great love for writing, my boyfriend of four years, coffee, and photographs. I am also a senior journalism major that promotes supporting local and handmade businesses.

When Thursday said she needed a few guest bloggers awhile back I jumped immediately and sent her a note letting her know I would love to guest post, because frankly I adore her blog. Anyways, here I am and today I would like to share five of my favorite things about the holidays ( in celebration of this lovely time of year of course).

1. Hot coffee and tea
-For those of you who have ever read my blog you know that I am coffee obsessed. Well, this time of year I always find myself drinking more hot coffee and hot tea than usual. I love the warm feeling of it going down my throat, and how it makes me feel nostalgic during the chilly season (my boyfriend and I did meet in a coffee shop, and did fall in love in the cold).

2. My boyfriend Scott and I's annual trip to see the snow
-Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Scott and I did not experience much snow at all. So every year we like to take a trip to Northern Arizona to experience the cold, snow, and cute, small towns.

3. Orange Christmas cookies
-Ever year my family makes orange sugar cookies to give out to family and friends. These cookies are my absolute favorite, and I even had them featured on a local blog recently.

4. Christmas shopping
-I absolutely love going Christmas shopping. I find it thrilling to find the perfect gifts for my family and friends.

5. Sweater weather
-In Phoenix it only starts to get chilly around Thanksgiving, so when December comes around I am fully ready for cooler weather, and my cold weather clothes. My usual wardrobe involves jeans, boots, and cardigans, so it's so nice when I'm actually able to wear these items and not sweat profusely (ya know, because we have 110 degree days around here).

Thank you so much for having me Thursday! If any of you lovely My Girl Thursday readers would like to learn more about me, you can find my blog, Tea Talk,  here and my Twitter stream here.