December 1, 2010

the green bean

The Green Bean 7 by Katie Green

from the author:
This is the seventh issue of my monthly zine!

This issue doesn't have a particular theme, returning to the form of earlier issues with a wide range of features. There is a large section on 'The Illustrated Life', as well as a seasonal recipe, what I wore drawings, collaboration with Mollie Johanson of Wild Olive, sewing pattern for a toy carrot, book reviews and lots more!

The zine is 36 pages in total and printed on 100% recycled paper throughout. The first print run is limited to 250 copies, and each one is signed and numbered. Oh, and the peas/beans on the cover are coloured by hand! 

what I love about this zine:
So, so very much!  The kraft paper cover, the rounded corners, the cute-as-a-button drawings.  There are so many lovely parts to this zine; it's too difficult to choose a favourite.  This is my pick for the zine you'll want to grab on a grey day when all you'll day is laze about in bed.  Perfect, comfortable and sweet - I love it!