December 13, 2010

georgia grace: a top ten love list

Clearly my child kicks ass and there are about five batrillion wonderful things to say about her, but for the sake of brevity I'm only going to drop 10 awesome bombs on this very special day.


Your superior cuddling abilities and the healing powers they have.


That time you pooped in the tub.  Thank you for that. 
I've never laughed so hard.
(As a favour to the 14 year old you I will not post the video online.
However, I will be hosting a screening at your wedding.)


Your genuine passion for cats.  A girl after my kitty-loving heart.

Your cutie-butt booty shake. 
You bust a move all over the place and I love it.
Please never learn to be embarrassed of it. 
People will admire your dance skills.


Your quick and easy smile.  
It ignites your big sparkly eyes and brings out your perfect little dimples.


Your laugh.  Sort of like the last reason, but beautiful enough that it deserves it's own entry.


Your serious dedication to two naps a day.
I love it.  Don't ever feel like you have to give it up.


Your bravery in food choices.
Please don't ever adopt that dietary hang-ups of your mama.


Your angry little farts.
Honestly though, it's hard to take your annoyances seriously
when you won't lay off the horn.


Your kind and sweet nature.
You are the personification of how people should love.
You meet many new people every day
and I know you leave each person feeling a little more special.

I am so in love with your little girl.  Is it hard to tell?

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