December 21, 2010

fundraiser purchases

Hi, hi, hi!  I can't believe I forgot this (who am I kidding, my memory is shot - my forgetting is not surprising at all), but today I wanted to share with you all the toy I bought with money raised from the Book of Secrets project.

I had such a blast shopping for these toys.  Most of the toy shopping that I do is for fairly tiny children (not that that isn't fun, but variety spice of life stuff, right?).  I had extra fun because I got to spend the dollars at a locally owned businesses. 

With the dollars raised I was able to purchase two handmade giraffe toys, an Eric Carle book and board game, a Melissa and Doug play dough set and a DIY robot scrub brush toy doohickey (yea, I can't make it sound as cool as it is). 

It has meant so much to me to be able to offer this donation to my local YWCA.  Thank you to each and every person that supported this project! 

I'll be back here on Thursday.  But until then, can you promise to think of me and miss my charm and wit?