December 1, 2010

the characters of littleclouds

The Characters of Littleclouds by Little Clouds

from the author:
All my characters are made up semi randomly and are not meant to resemble anyone in particular, they are usually an exaggerated mish mash of the people I see in the street and about with influences from the many many 'entertaining' conversations I've overhead...yes I am an eavesdropper and damn proud unashamed of it.

what I love about this zine:
I guess what I like the most is that I know all of these characters - and you probably do too.  My favourite one of the bunch?  This chick...

Maggie is the sensitive caring soul that thinks now, does later.
She is single, lives on her own in a small bungalow her late grandma left her and immensely enjoys cooking against Nigella on TV who she has a love hate relationship with.
Although she loves to have a mean steak on the weekends she loves animals and every night there is a stray cat party going on in her garden from all the scraps and milk she leaves out. The cats leave her dead mice on a daily basis as a thank you.