November 10, 2010

thrifted: beyond the blue box

Last week I travelled to Cobourg to visit stupidly awesome thrift shop Beyond the Blue Box.  My friend Jen (of Lucky Jackson) told me about this place a couple years ago.  It's about an hour away from my place, but the terrible thrift available in this town forces us vintage lovers to look elsewhere. 

I know, I know - enough with the jibber-jabber.  I haven't done a thrifted post in for-eva.  You ready to see what I got?

This isn't everything I picked up.  There is no possible way I could leave a thrift store like the Blue Box with only this many things.  I'm greedy, you know?

Yep, this is the last thing I need.  There is no more room for mugs in my cupboard but I still couldn't say no.  He was only fifty cents.  That translates to "take me home" in thrift talk.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to break a few of the boys mugs.

I've already purchased some film for the Instax on eBay.  When I took the Instamatic into the camera shop today they were pretty much as baffled as I am.  There was a mysterious battery that neither of us have seen before.  She also told me I wouldn't be able to find film for it.  I don't believe her though, the camera told me not to.

And this one, this is my favourite!  If there's one thing I'm an absolute sucker for it's a hand stitched quilt.  It doesn't matter if it's falling apart or discoloured - I must have it. (Okay, yes, pee stink and freaky mystery stains are a deal breaker).

But just look at this!  One single bed worth of handcrafted glory.  And she's in beautiful condition.  And I'm so in love.

Have you thrifted anything noteworthy recently?