November 30, 2010

odd ball charm

from the author:
This zine is truly a little a pocket full of posies.
It is completely in color, measures 4.5 x 5.5 and it is packed
with wonderful-ness.

Sweet! Inside you will find instructions on:

How to make a paper pendant
How to crochet a butterfly, plus one crochet butterfly inside.
Recycled Recipe Card
How to make Handmade Library Pockets plus much more....

And as always, I LOVE to include some arts and crafts goodness
for you to PLAY with. So you will find, snippets of fabric,
heart shaped buttons, Pabric and more.

It comes in a plastic zip bag to keep all the good stuff inside.

what I love about this zine:
I loved the intro to this zine – kind of summed up my feelings on autumn.  This is packed full of art projects.  And the best part  - the art materials are included.  Holy woah!  Totally full of inspiring ideas and creative prompts.