November 5, 2010

my on-the-go embroidery kit

While I was at the farm I had a chance to catch up on a custom order of Doll Face brooches.  I was a ridiculous amount of excited to lounge in a rocker and embroider the night away.  It's the little things!

Taking my work on the road finally gave me the opportunity to use my purchase from White Willow Vintage

I bought this beauty with grand dreams - an on the road embroidery kit!

Normally when I go to the farm I pack way too many crafting supplies (I always overestimate the amount of alone time I'll have).  I can't tell you how nice it was to have this tiny little box with everything I needed and nothing more.

Here are the finished doll faces.  I'll be sending them to their new home in a few short minutes.  It was nice knowing you ladies!

Tonight I'll be back in the craft room.  Lots of fabric cutting, screenprinting and sewing to be done over the weekend.

Have you been crafty lately?  What are you working on?