November 30, 2010

loneliness: a coloring book

Loneliness: A Coloring Book by Daupo

from the author:
Nine original images of struggle, solitude, even despair, all for you to color as you wish. Loneliness old and young, loneliness brief and permanent, the fundamental condition of human life, displayed in smooth black and white lines, awaiting your tender ministrations.

Mail it anonymously to a loved one, or use it as a tool in therapy. Use the gentle, repetitive task of coloring in the nice shapes to wile away your lonesome hours. Or just sit there and admire the subtly-conveyed ennui and desperation.

This cheery, unique booklet is hand-bound simply with twine. The cover is in full color on nice, sturdy Canson stock, and the black and white insides are for you to color yourself!

Feel free to color outside the lines. 

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what I love about this zine:
Absolutely everything about this artists illustration style.  I can't wait to bust out my pencil crayons.