November 30, 2010


Ker-bloom! 85 by Artnoose

from the author:
Eight letterpress printed pages about how we're all stars and what that means. Two color letterpress printed cover that was one of the hardest I've ever attempted and one of the best--- and I've made lots of covers over the years!

what I loved about this zine:
Yes, I adored the content of this zine but what had me drooling was the way in which it was made.  Letterpress has my heart!  It's not an easy process and the author eludes to that fact on the back page:

This zine was letterpress printed entirely from hand-set type.  Yeah, even the cover, which was ridiculously hard to print, by the way. Seriously.
Want to learn some more about letterpress?  Then you should probably watch the educational video below...