November 2, 2010

here's something new: vintage doily totes

I'm back and I have something more to show you!  This post I'd like to introduce you to my...

Remember when I was rambling on about doilies the other day?  Well, these were the project I was being all secretive about.

{listing}                                                                      {listing}

I'm so excited about these purses!  What do you think of them?  I really dig them - but I would love to hear your feedback.

{listing}                                                                      {listing}

Each purse has a pocket on the inside; they're even printed with the My Girl Thursday logo.  (Can I get a whoop whoop for my return to screenprinting?!)

The Vintage Doily Purses are now officially listed and for sale.  I think they would make a lovely holiday gift, don't you?

See you soon with the final new product.  (It's a busy blog day, huh?)