November 2, 2010

here's something new: reclaimed vintage scarves

This is it folks - the last post of the day.  I hope you'll excuse my over-blogging.  I'm just so dang excited to tell you about my new work.  A girl can be excited, right?

So this is the final new product introduced to the shop today.

I've been dreaming of making scarves all summer long.  At Christmas I am notorious for giving people scarves.  I'm almost certain I've gifted one to my Grandmother each of the past three years (don't worry Grandma, I'm going to exercise my imagination this season).

I'm loving the simplicity of these scarves.  I played with several different versions.  Each one included patchwork.  Normally I would love that, but I was finding the results a tad hard on the eye.  As soon as I sewed up the single strip version I was smitten.

The patterned fabric is reclaimed from sources like bed sheets, clothing, curtains, whatever.  The pieces are usually vintage because that's what appeals the most to my personal style.

The fabric on the flip side is a wool blend to keep you nice and toasting when you're trekking through those cold winter days.  I also screenprinted the My Girl Thursday logo on each scarf - you know, so you never forget me.

That's all for this evening friends.  I am so sleepy.  I was up until 5:30am photographing, editing and listing all these products.  I am going to sleep like a rock tonight!

I'm off to the farm tomorrow, which means I'll be surfing on dial-up.  I'm hoping to do a post but I can't make those kind of promises.

See you soon lovelies!  Thanks for hanging out today and checking out all my new wares!