November 1, 2010

george's halloween costume and a shop update

I can't believe what the clock is telling me as I write this!  My goodness, so late in the evening already.  I guess that's what happens after a very long day locked away in the craft room.  You see, I had to make up for some lost time.  I spend most Sunday's crafting the day away - but yesterday being Halloween was an exception.

We managed to keep Georgie in her costume for a while.  She would have preferred to play with the costume than wear it, but at least she humoured her parents through a photo session.

I felt sort of guilty for not making the girl a costume.  I'm already dreaming up plans for next years outfit.  I can't wait for the year that we can bust out some face paints - but this wiggle worm probably won't let that happen for a few more years.  Oh well, at least her father let me try out my makeup skills later on in the evening.

So there you have it folks - Halloween in this girls house.  We didn't have too many trick or treaters stop by - but that was fantastic news for the last few kids knocking on our door.