November 4, 2010

the friendliest of reminders

George and I are still at the farm and taking it easy.  Well, actually, George never takes it easy so if I'm alone with her I can't rightfully say I am either.  (I don't think I've ever really talked about how dang busy my baby is.)  Anyway, we're here in the country so my brain is telling me that this is a relaxing time (you know, like when your brain tells you that a family vacation is fun).

Throughout the day I'm finding bits of time to work on my card for the Book of Secrets project.

Just look at that pile of ephemera!  My hands get antsy for crafting just at the sight of something like that.

I wanted to remind you all that there are just a few days left to send me your secrets!  I've had a few great submissions so far BUT I need l-o-t-s more to make this zine a great success.

You can submit your secret by email or by uploading it to the Flickr account (email:  password: bookofsecrets)

So please friends, consider this my bended knee plea!  I need your help!  And remember, it's all for a really fantastic cause.

You don't have to handcraft a card to participate.  Digital artwork and simple text is perfection too!