November 27, 2010

a flaming symbol of rejection

(eta: This post was entirely meant to be light hearted.  I so appreciate the kindness and support of all you lovelies - but I promise that my feelings were not hurt at all by the condition of the bag upon return.  Pinkie swear!)

Months ago I was contacted by someone at Etsy letting me know that a big magazine* was thinking about featuring one of my chalkboard totes.  This was stupid exciting news and I rushed about getting a package together and getting it sent off in time.

I was super hopeful that they would choose to feature my work - a little too hopeful it seems.  Just days later I was told that my tote didn't make the final cut.  After I heard the news I felt like crap - but was told not to feel too sad because the magazine would kindly return the flaming symbol of rejection bag.

So three months later when a package marked "cotton tote" arrived at my door I was a bit confused.  Then excited.  Then in a severe rush to open my surprise gift.  Because, you see, no where in my mind did I think I would be getting this back....

So, uh, obviously I did not mail the tote with this list written on it.  And, of course, I'm not upset at the fine magazine workers for writing out their shopping needs.  Not at all.

But here's my question....

What the hell were they planning to do to that god awful cake after they baked it?

(*magazine shall remain nameless in case they wish to reject me once more in the future)