November 30, 2010

fight boredom with girl love

from the author:
The theme of the fifth issue of Fight Boredom is "Fight Boredom with Girl Love!" Not hate! My sister and I asked some friends an acquaintances about their thoughts on jealousy, girl-hate and the current buzz around a supposed riot grrrl revival and this is what we came up with.

This issue includes contributions from Maranda Elizabeth (of Telegram Ma'am), Ocean Capewell (High On Burning Photographs), Jamie (Academic Fugitive and feminist music blog Rock & The Single Girl), and many more. We've written about things like avoiding jealousy, breaking down the "mean girl" stereotype, reclaiming sexist language, the problems with rape analogies and jokes, plus manifestos and recommended reading.

 what I love about this zine:
Touches on two topics that I find really interesting – riot grrrl revival and girl-to-girl hate.  Lots of interesting articles that will have you thinking about you relationships with other women.  Well worth a read.