October 9, 2010

a puzzle

The other day when I was shopping at Sympathy for the Rebel I found something kind of strange in the scarf bin. 

I've never come across something like this before.  Odd.  Puzzling.  Downright confuddling.

Even the shop owner, who one would assume is a serious connoisseur of vintage, was perplexed by the purpose of this oddly shaped accessory.  I was told that probably 25 customers had asked about it, but every one of them left it behind in a fog of confusion.

Well, that's all it takes to fascinate a girl like me.  I had to bring this strange baby home and solve her puzzle. 

That afternoon I kept coming back to this thing.  I probably should have taken photos of some of the guesses.  Some attempts weren't half bad.  Some were completely embarassing and I'm quite happy there's no photographic evidence.  And the finally I figured it out (I think)...

That was kind of fun.  I mean, I'll never be wear it like this outside of the house, but it might be cute over top a blank tank.

Have you found any good thrift or vintage store puzzles lately?  Send me a picture and maybe we could create a compilation post and solve some mysteries.