October 25, 2010

in local news...

Before you say anything - I know, I've missed another sugar drenched post.  Have no fear though - the goods have been baked.  I just need to get some photos in the afternoon and I'll have that post for you in the evening (that is assuming the photos are taken before the last bits of sweetness are consumed).

In the meantime I thought I'd offer an update on what's new and interesting around these parts.

  • Georgia has started to climb stairs.  She does this quickly and with great pride.  It only terrifies me slightly.

  • On Saturday I got to hit up one of my favourite thrift spots - St Vincent de Paul in Belleville.  Who am I kidding?  It's my favourite thrift spot.  I scored some amazing textiles.  Yards and yards of tacky cat prints and pure grey wool.  

  • Been working hard on developing a few new products for the shop.  Until then I still have lots of half price chalkboard and simple totes in stock!
  • I've also been planning fun blog events for the next few months.  I know I've been remiss in my blogging duties (blame it on the product development), so I want to make it up to you all with some really rad stuff very soon.
I'm off to bed now.  Once I wake up (after a serious bout of sleeping in), I get to have an entire day to myself!  I've been eagerly anticipating this day all (no offence to the loved ones in my life; it's just been a busy week is all).  

See you soon lovelies!