October 22, 2010

classic tv style: petticoat junction

Earlier this week my grandmother asked me what I want for Christmas.  This year I'm determined to not ask for practical things.  This Christmas I want something that I want (not something I need).  Something I'll never spend the money on myself. 

First thing that came to mind - more tattoos.  Yes, but asking my grandmother for a tattoo just doesn't sit right.  Hmmm, next on the list? DVDs!  Why?  Because I simply need more classic television in my life.

I grew up in the 80's, but I was raised on television from the 60's and 70's.  Hands down my favourite show was Petticoat Junction

I loved the black and white and then the technicolor.  I loved the three sisters and the hotel living.  I loved that they lived in Hooterville (giggle) and they had to ride the rickety Cannonball to get anywhere.  But most of all I loved, loved, loved the wardrobe.

These images don't really do the wardrobe justice.  Surprisingly, it was pretty difficult to find decent photos from this awesome sitcom.

I'm seriously looking forward to settling down in front of the TV.  Is there anything better than good television on a cold winters night?  Love it!

Do you love any classic TV shows?  I'd love to hear your way-back favourites.