October 18, 2010

the (baked) goods: toasted coconut marshmallows

Honey!  I'm home!

After a busy weekend I have to admit that I am exhausted.  My eyeballs feel like they weigh a hundred pounds each.  But you know what?  I still found some time to bake.  You just can't stop the girl from baking.

What's on the kitchen counter this week?

Frankly, I didn't know marshmallows were something that could be handmade until last year.  Since then I've been too timid to try them myself - but on Saturday afternoon I was bit by a lion of baking bravery.

I found a recipe on the Food Network site and was surprised by how simple it was.  Plus it had very good reviews (I'm a sucker for review systems - I rarely choose a recipe without one).

All in all, they turned out okay.  It's neither love nor hate (actually, it's love once I roast them over an element on the stove).  They were a touch rubbery in texture, but that might be because I forgot to add the salt (Yes?  No?  Any baking scientists out there?).  I want to give the mallow another try, but maybe we first need a little break from one another. 

Have you been a brave baker lately?  I want to hear about it!  Please share recipes.  I'm always hunting for this weeks desert.