October 10, 2010

the (baked) goods: chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies

To tell you the truth this morning had me thinking that I had lost my baking touch.  For a few months I was on a streak.  Everything I put in the oven came out as melt-in-you-mouth gold.  More recently I've been dancing with an old friend named Mr Fail.  But you know what?  That's okay.  Cause even most baking failures have tasty results!

Even, so I decided I better call on another friend of mine to help kick up a batch of cookies.  Care to see what we came up with?

I used a new recipe for the peanut butter cookies.  It is a seriously, seriously good one that I'm sure I will revisit.  I love a smooth peanut butter cookie - I'm really not into that chunky, textured version.  This was perfection.

Then, perhaps in tribute to the recently eliminated Heather of Top Chef Just Desserts, I dipped these sweet things in chocolate to create the classic (and perfect) flavour combination.  These cookies are heaven you guys.  You're salivating for a very good reason folks.

I'm throwing in the towel now.  I have to go and sleep off this sugar crash (the room is spinning).

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that are celebrating!