October 25, 2010

the (baked) goods: chocolate covered coconut bars

Okay - I'll say it.  These delicious things look like poop.  Delicious and poop probably shouldn't be in the same sentence, but stick around here a little bit longer and things will soon start making sense.

You'll recall that last week I made some coconut smothered marshmallows.  Well, call me monotonous, but this week I have to have me some more sweet shred.

I found the directions for these Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars in the October issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray.  I have never picked up a copy of this before, but my hand was forced after I saw a rather large section devoted to homemade chocolates and candies.

I'm going to consider this weeks confection a serious success.  I buy Bounty bars on a very regular basis (like 100% daily fiber intake regular).  So you know I'm super proud to say that I can make my own dang candy bar now. 

Cute side story:  I made these while I was at my grandmothers house this weekend.  Of course, she loved them (they're chocolate, aren't they?) and was very proud that her very talented granddaughter made them.  I heard her tell many of her over the phone that I had made a batch of Bouncy bars all on my own. 

I have an exciting project to tell you about tomorrow.  I am super stoked to share it with you guys!