September 15, 2010

short and sweet

This week is turning out to be a little more than I can juggle with just two hands.  I have a craft fair coming up this weekend and my to-do list looks like it's on steroids.  Not complaining, but I think it's time to be realistic about my multitasking prowess.

So, here's the deal.  I don't want to jump ship and abandon the blog for five days.  Instead I'm going to do my own take of the Wordless Wednesday theme (although, when have I ever been wordless?).  Each day I'm going to upload a couple snapshots that will give you a look into my busy day.

What better time to begin than now...

On Monday I'll return with an in-depth post about my first craft show in 16 months.  (Oh my goodness!  I forgot about all of the anxiety and work that goes into getting ready for one of these things.)