September 25, 2010

journey to the centre of my closet

Let's make one thing clear - I am not a fashion blogger (okay, yes, that was already obvious).  This is not because I don't enjoy fashion bloggers.  I actually really appreciate those "What I Wore Today" posts that are so popular - there's lots of inspiration to be found there.

The reason I'm not a fashion blogger is simple - I lack style.  I'd love to blame it on the baby - but have ya seen Miss James or Rachel or Katie?  Yea, a baby is no excuse.  What about the cat?  Can I blame it on the cat?  I love to work her into my excuses.

The real reason?  I lack commitment, bravery and energy.  This whole thing might seem silly to some of you and that is totally okay; but style interests me.  I've always wished I had more of it and I've always admired those who do.  I'm working on this though. Little by little I think I might get where I want to be sometime soon.  This process will include purging clothing I don't love, buying some classic staples and reworking some of the vintage in my closet.  One of the first projects  - this dress...

I've had this baby for a while.  I tried to sell her once, I have no idea why.  No one wanted her, I have no idea why.  I adore her.  She is almost perfect.  I think if I just shorten her a bit (a lot) and reduce the bow-age by 100% I'll have something to wear about town this season. I won't even be embarrassed about those pasty white sticks I'm walking around with.

In fact I hope to have this project done in time to wear this number to Puces Pop.  So if you see me there and I'm not wearing this thing please feel free to chastise me for being a lazy bum.

I'm outta here folks!  Hope you're enjoying your weekend.  I'll be back tomorrow with an extra special edition of the (baked) goods.