September 6, 2010

in the craft room

I've been a busy, busy bee.

Today is my last chance at a long stretch of crafting for a few days so I'm doing my best to get things done.  Have a look and see what's going down.

Over at the ironing board....

Yes, that is a carton of orange juice.  It's the spinach to my Popeye.

Over at the storage dresser...

Cute little doll faces taking a permanent bath in resin.

And over on the sewing table...

Another apron that is about half way there. 

My partner starts teaching classes tomorrow, so I'm not sure if that means I'll be cutting back on my crafting hours or just staying up much, much later.  I have deadlines to meet folks!  The first craft fair is just 12 days away.

What did you get up to this fine long weekend?  If you blogged it be sure to include a link.