September 22, 2010

big news and a shop update

Hello friend.  I had a lovely blog-break yesterday.  It's funny - I kept having moments of panic when I'd think "Oh my goodness - I have to get to the computer and write a post."  What sweet relief that followed once I realized it was a vacation day.

I spent the evening cutting fabrics and doing photo editing.  Most exciting of all?  I spent a couple hours updating the shop!  You see, today is a very special day around these parts... 

As you know, I've been working with resin again.  I've come up with a brand new line of belt buckles that I kind of love!  This line includes two themes, and I'd like to take a moment to formally introduce you.

First up we have the Mama Always Said buckles.  These are a collection of my favourite wise old sayings.  I created each piece of digital art using vintage wallpapers for the backdrop.  Occasionally I will retire a saying so that I can introduce a new one.  I like the number six, so for now I'm going to keep the collection to half a dozen versions.

The second buckle theme is the Doll Face line.  I still get giddy every time I have a look at these.  For years I've been looking for a way to incorporate embroidery into my work.  The problem is that the back of my hand stitched work is never that stellar.  How do you solve a problem like that?  Cast that baby in resin!

With the choice of a few different hair styles, eye wear and hair colours the possibilities with these dolls seem endless.  One of my favourite parts is naming each one of these girlies.  I will be offering custom buckles in the near future, but for now why don't you hop on over to my Etsy and meet the gang?

And because I'm so excited about unleashing these buckles on the world I thought I'd offer you something special...

Please be sure to contact me after purchase and I can forward you a discounted PayPal invoice. 
Sale ends Friday, September 24th at 11:59pm est.

Thanks for stopping by today.  And please let me know you think about the latest addition to My Girl Thursday!