September 5, 2010

the (baked) goods: strawberry lemon trifle

And by trifle I think they mean "heap of sweetness that ends up looking like angel barf" - all sweet and goodness; just slightly on the mangled side.

I was inspired to create my first ever trifle by the lovely Christy of White Willow Vintage.  She was searching for a good trifle recipe and asked if I had one to share.  I didn't.  Why had I never made of those before?

First I had to get a dish.  After a few none to subtle hints I procured my grandmothers crystal piece.  After that I had to decide on the perfect recipe.  I can't say that I've found that just yet, but here's what I came up with this time...

I took my inspiration from this recipe.  I can't say I followed it because I changed almost everything about it.

I wanted to make my own cake (rather than something from the bakery section of the grocery shop).  My grocery store snobbery will be the death of me.  I think next time I'll go for the Angel Food Cake mix instead.  I prefer the taste of it and the sponge cake was a silly amount of work to make.  

I followed this recipe for the lemon curd.  I've used it in the past and I loved the results.

I used strawberries rather than raspberries based on the recipe reviews.  I'm not certain that was the best decision.  Because strawberries are no longer in season I had to buy California berries (the opposite side of the coast) and unfortunately they're not in top form.

I'll finally be tasting this monstrous concoction later this evening.  I've only had trifle once before.  I loved it then - I hope the same is true for this one!

Have you ever made a trifle?  If so, what flavours did you include?  I'd like to give this dish another try sometime soon.