September 12, 2010

the (baked) goods: chocolate mint whoopie pies

I know you were worried.  You thought I fell into some elaborate foxhole in the woods.  Don't be silly!  I don't go into the woods.

No, I was just having a busy weekend full of preparation, family visits and a sweet little girls first birthday party. (not my little girl's - she's never growing up.  ever.)

In fact I was so busy that I didn't have a moment to bake anything at all this weekend.  Save your worry - I've been saving this sweet thing for a week or so.

Y'all know I have a thing for whoopie pies.  I've made all sorts of combinations - but this is a tried and true favourite.  I'm looking at these photos right now and I'm salivating all over again.  Why have you left me whoopies?  Why???

I got the recipe for the chocolate cakes and the mint buttercream from the ultimate whoopie source.  I'm not going to give out the recipe here because I'm not entirely sure about cookbook sharing protocol.  Since it's a relatively new release it might be rude.  This kind of bums me out because I think half the fun of baking and blogging is sharing the recipe.  But you know me - Miss Manners. (yes, that was intended to cause a little snort) 

This dessert is a pretty quick fix too.  I had a shindig to attend and wanted to add something to the table.  Problem was that it was an hour before go time.  I got it done.  The sink was full of dirty dishes, but the plate was full of total mint and chocolate.

Tomorrow I plan on taking lots of photos for a bunch of new blog posts.  I have many things to show and tell you.