September 21, 2010

art in the park 2010

Well hello!  I wasn't sure I was ever going to make it here this evening.  What a busy (and wonderful) day it has been!

As promised, here are some photos of the craft show I participated in on the weekend.  Yea - I know this doesn't seem like a big deal (or probably all that interesting), but this was my first show in forever-ever.  I just ask that you smile and nod through this post.  Actually, if you read to the bottom of this post I'll include a really embarrassing story (one which we will never speak of again after tonight).

All photos are from the lovely Caren of Buttercupped.  I brought my camera.  Took my camera out of the bag.  Then I looked at it, and looked at it and just never, ever took a photo.  Thank goodness for camera happy friends!


So, as Caren and her lovely friend were leaving my table Rebecca turns around and half whispers "I like your boobs the best!"

Yea - so I might have been wearing a nice, cleavage framing shirt that day.  But seriously, when you're feeding a baby a turtleneck can qualify as such.  And anyway, I'll take a compliment where I can get one.

I look Rebecca straight in the eyes and full of false bravado I say "Hey, thanks!"  I make some stupid remark about being full of milk and needing to pump.  I notice a confused look on her face.  That's strange.  Why is she acting all weird when she's the one that brought up the boobs?

Ohhhh, I's because she actually said "I like your booth the best!"  Riiiight.

Remember folks - sex sells, but sometimes a cute booth does the trick too.

I'm outta here!  I'll be taking a blog break tomorrow, but I'll be back on Wednesday to formally introduce you to my newest product line.  I can hardly wait to hear what y'all think!!