August 18, 2010

way back wip: embroidered bunny

In 2009 I went through a rather long creative dry spell.  Nine months to be exact.

My once insatiable appetite for crafting dwindled into a craving for all things slow, sleepy and uninvolved.  I quit blogging almost completely and rarely picked up a needle to thread.

On the rare occasion that I felt a little crafty I would choose small projects that could be finished quickly.  I guess this project just wasn't fast enough.

This embroidered bunny has sat in a craft bin for over a year now.  I thought I would sew her into a cute plushie and send her off to another home, but her persistence has won and now I cannot stand to part with her.

Finally last Friday I felt a creative twinge; an urge to sew a little something that wasn't an apron or a tote bag.  Ding-dong - the light bulb went on and I went hopping down to the craft room in hopes of finding my old friend.

A few fabric scraps later I was well on my way to adding some handmade sweetness to Georgia's toy box.

I did some of my best work on this bunny.  I taught myself a new stitch when I was embroidering it.  Strange, I now can't remember it for the life of me.  Just one of the many reasons I should do embroidery way more often!

If you're in love and want to stitch up a bunny of your own, check out Orange You Lucky for the free pattern.

Tonight I'm working on some prototype resin belt buckles.  I thought I had sworn off resin forever (and ever), but I can't seem to cut ties with my liquidy plastic friend.  If all turns out well I hope to share the results in the next week or so.

Goodnight friends!  We'll chat soon.